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Sa-So® is a registered trademark used for Catalog Mail Order and Telephone Order Services In the Fields of Street, Highway, Parking, Miscellaneous Safety, and Related Types of Signs and owned by Everglades Direct, Inc., Sargent-Sowell Inc.. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

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Goods and/or Services:

Catalog Mail Order and Telephone Order Services In the Fields of Street, Highway, Parking, Miscellaneous Safety, and Related Types of Signs

Sign Mounting Apparatus

Vehicle Identification Emblems and Signs

Street and Highway Barricade Apparatus

Office and Personnel Signs

Automobile Office Equipment

Surveyors' and Contractors' Marking Flags and Tape

Flags and Flag Pole Equipment and Accessories

Traffic Control and Occupational Safety Marking Equipment and Personnel Clothing

Street, Highway, and Parking Lot Paint and Painting Equipment

Portable Voting Booths and Related Equipment

Key Control and Storage Cabinet Equipment

Coin Storage and Sorting Equipment

Rubber Stamps and Dating Devices

Office Files

Lecterns and Sound Systems

Coat and Hat Racks and Lockers

Park Benches, Office Chairs, Tables, and Desks

Fire, Property, and Personnel Security Alarm Systems

Portable and Ceiling Fans

[ Dinnerware and Tumblers

] Portable Buildings

Office and Factory Vacuum Cleaners and Systems

Janitor Equipment

Washroom Equipment

Worker Timekeeping Equipment

Work Gloves

Trash Receptacles

Industrial Trucks and Bins

Shelving and Cabinets


Drum Mixers and Handling Trucks

Pipe Fittings

Railroad Equipment Including Wheel Chokes

Safety Containers For Flammable Liquid Storage

Industrial Floor Covering and Mats

Welding Screens

Personnel Safety Equipment Including Gas Masks, and Hand and Eye Wash Appliances

Safety Eye and Ear Protection Equipment

Industrial Protective Clothing, Gloves, and Footwear

Emergency Lighting Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Emergency Medical Equipment Including Stretchers and First Aid Kits

Bicycle Racks

Outdoor Grills and Picnic Tables

Animal Training Equipment and Clothing

Animal Cages and Traps

Law Enforcement Equipment and Clothing Including Mace Dispensers, Handcuffs, Lights, and the Like

Law Enforcement Vehicle Devices Including Lights and Sirens, Accident Investigation Equipment, Record Note Books, and the Like

Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Clothing

Law Enforcement Firearms and Handling and Storage Equipment

Firearm Holsters

Fingerprint Equipment

Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel Badges, Name Tags, and Ensignia

and Fire Engines and Related Equipment

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Serial Number: 73567797
Registration Number: 1401692
Filing Date: Nov 12, 1985
Last Applicant(s)/
Owner(s) of Record

Everglades Direct, Inc.

1725 Roe Crest Drive
North Mankato, Mn 56002-3728 US

Sargent-Sowell Inc.

1185 108th Street
Grand Prairie, Tx 75050 US

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